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Primary School Teacher's Self-made 304 Stainless Steel Table Tennis Racket Was Granted A Patent

Aug 24, 2021

Primary school teacher's self-made 304 stainless steel table tennis racket was granted a patent

Recently, the topic of "Chinese Olympic athletes do not forget to exercise while being quarantined" has continuously rushed into hot searches, reminding every netizen not to make excuses for not exercising. Among them, Xu Xins video of using a mineral water bottle to cap the ball made Tian Yu, a table tennis expert who lives in Tianjia Village, Tangyu Town, Lantian, Xian, very excited. He said: "I have the same idea as the Olympic champion. Everything can be played. For table tennis, my stainless steel racket combines the functions of dumbbells and table tennis rackets. It can show off the skills, and the daily exercise and fitness effect is also very good." 

304 stainless steel table tennis racket

Tian Yu, 56 years old this year, is a teacher at a primary school in Tangyu Township, Lantian. More than 20 years ago, there was a shortage of sports equipment in rural primary schools. At that time, as a physical education teacher, he played table tennis with his classmates the most. Teacher Tian said: National football is highly entertaining, interactive, simple in equipment, and has a broad mass base. The children also like it very much. However, apart from physical education, 10 minutes between classes are too short. Use ordinary table tennis bats. 10 minutes is considered a warm-up, and the effect of fitness is not great."

Maybe its because I have loved sports since I was a student. I have tried the methods of lifting lock stones, lifting dumbbells, and even "throwing mudballs". When I think that exercising alone is boring, I often find it difficult to persist. In 1997, Tian The teacher came up with the idea of adding weight to the table tennis racket to increase the intensity of exercise.

Teacher Tian said: "It's like running with a sandbag tied to it every day, and when the sandbag is unloaded, the results will be much better than usual. Adding weight to the racket and increasing the difficulty of holding the racket is equivalent to increasing the exercise. Strength."

From idea to practice, two years later, Mr. Tian saw a 3 mm thick rectangular iron plate into a standard table tennis bat size with a hacksaw, a saw, and a saw. "This practice gave me confidence and verified that the iron racket will not break the table tennis. The elasticity and friction of the iron racket are sufficient to complete daily table tennis training."

Since then, Mr. Tian has used his spare time to start the development of his own racket. The thickness of the iron plate is different and the weight is different. The handle clamp is still seamless. Whether it is necessary to add a counterweight after the handle, every attempt is actually "burning money", but every attempt always has a new harvest.

Now in his small courtyard, Teacher Tian has to play a game with his neighbors every day. Sometimes people come to see something new, and Teacher Tian always introduces them one by one with enthusiasm. In addition to being the same size as the standard table tennis racket, it has been updated from an iron plate to 304 stainless steel. There are more than 20 different weights and different counterweights. The table tennis racket developed by Mr. Tian is more and more refined and feels more and more. Good. 

It is understood that the weight of an ordinary wooden racket is between 165g and 185g, while the weight of Mr. Tian's stainless steel racket is between 0.75kg and 7.35kg. The sports experience brought by an overweight racket is completely different from that of an ordinary racket. In May 2020, the State Intellectual Property Office granted a utility model patent certificate for Mr. Tians stainless steel table tennis racket.