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A New Record For The Highest Strength Of Liugang Group's Cold-rolled Products Is Born

May 25, 2021

Recently, the Guangxi Iron and Steel Cold Rolling Plant has actively overcome the influence of unfavorable factors, accelerated the development of various steels, and succeeded in continuous trial production: high-strength interstitial-free atomic steel (JSC440P), high-strength bake-hardening steel for automobiles (CR220BH), and high-strength automotive steel Cold-rolled transformation induced plasticity steel (CR380/590TR), cold-rolled high-strength interstitial-free atomic steel for automobiles (CR220IF), high-strength cold-rolled dual-phase steel for automobiles (2 types) (CR420/780DP, CR500/780DP) 6 All indicators of a new variety of steel meet the requirements of the standard.

Among them, high-strength cold-rolled dual-phase steel for automobiles (CR500/780DP) has created a new record for the highest strength of Liugang Group's cold-rolled products, marking that Liugang Group has reached the domestic advanced level in the production technology of high-strength automotive sheets.

At present, the lightweight and high-strength automobile body structure, as well as reducing energy consumption, reducing emissions, and improving the safety of drivers and passengers have become the mainstream direction of the development of the automobile industry, and the demand for high-strength automobile steel is increasing year by year. Therefore, the field of high-strength steel has become the focus of scientific research and competition among major steel companies. Whether it can provide high-strength steel products for automobiles in a stable manner has gradually become an important indicator for measuring the level of R&D and manufacturing of a steel company.

It is reported that CR500/780DP is dual-phase steel, based on phase transformation strengthening, has the characteristics of low yield ratio, high initial work hardening rate, good strength, and stamping properties, and is widely used in automotive structural parts, reinforcements, and collision avoidance Under the current development trend of lightweight automobile manufacturing, it has broad application prospects.

The trial production of CR500/780DP has production difficulties such as complex alloy composition, difficult laser welding, and easy breakage during rolling. For this reason, the cold rolling mill actively cooperated with the technical center of the group company, the Guangxi Iron and Steel Manufacturing Department, and other units to formulate a trial production plan. , Relevant departments of the two bases coordinate efficiently and make full use of various advantageous resources. Before trial production, the cold rolling mill organized a collaborative production preparation meeting for various specialties to discuss and refine the transition materials used in production, production process control, division of labor, clean production requirements, etc., and carefully arranged the production process.

During production, in response to the difficulty of welding, the continuous retreat unit organizes employees to use the inspection time to conduct multiple test welding before production, and store the best parameters in the system, which effectively guarantees the smooth welding during production; in order to prevent the strip from being broken during the rolling process, Pickling mills work hard on the selection of transition materials and adopt methods such as gradual transition of steel grades to greatly reduce the problem of strip breakage due to large tension fluctuations. At the same time, the rolling force and reduction distribution of the rolling mill are accurately controlled; production technology The division strengthened real-time monitoring of the production process, solved process difficulties in time, optimized and adjusted the production plan, and all units efficiently coordinated and worked together to ensure the successful trial production of 6 new varieties of steel. (Source: Liu Gang News)