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Another Company's Stainless Steel Precision Belt Project Was Successfully Put Into Production

Jan 26, 2021

Recently, a complete set of 850mm stainless steel precision strip 20-high cold rolling mills designed by China National Heavy Industry Research Institute for Fuan Qingtuo Cold Rolling Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qingtuo Cold Rolling Technology") successfully tested the strip at one time. A roll of stainless steel is a qualified product, and the unit performance and product quality have been widely recognized and highly praised by users and all participating units and personnel on site.

Qingtuo Cold Rolling Technology 850mm stainless steel precision strip 20-high cold rolling mill is mainly used for the production of high-precision ultra-thin stainless steel strips. The maximum speed of the mill is 600m/min and the thinnest finished product thickness is 0.07mm.

The successful commissioning of this project has further expanded the influence of China Heavy Industry Research Institute in the field of high-precision stainless steel plate and strip rolling, and has helped Qingtuo Group to expand into the field of stainless steel deep processing, and it has also furthered the China Heavy Industry Research Institute and Qingtuo Group The cooperation has laid a solid foundation.