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Ansteel Developed Martensitic Ss Seamless Pipes Successfully

Oct 19, 2021

Ansteel developed martensitic ss seamless pipes successfully

Recently, Ansteel Group has successfully developed martensitic stainless steel seamless pipes. This product opens up the seamless steel tube continuous rolling mill high-alloy steel pipe production process, overcomes the problem of short service life of the martensitic stainless steel perforated plug and fills the gap in the field of high-CO_2 corrosion-resistant oil well pipe products of Anshan Iron and Steel Group.

Due to the complicated hot-rolling process of martensitic stainless steel seamless steel pipes, the difficulty of hot forming, and the high requirements on tools, Anshan Iron and Steel Group has never made a breakthrough in the hot-rolling process of this variety. Since 2019, the seamless steel pipe research group of Angang Iron and Steel Research Institute has worked closely with production plants and relevant departments to start with composition design, process design, special tool design, etc., and repeatedly study and fully master martensitic stainless steel seamless steel pipes. 

The key technical difficulties of production. Before trial production, the research group organized meetings to discuss process parameters, confirmed production preparations, and carried out technical research for problems in production, which resolved the bottleneck of production. In order to complete the service life test of the plug as soon as possible, the research group actively promoted the guidance of the manufacture of the plug and other production tools to ensure the quality and delivery of the plug. The service life of the designed special plug was greatly improved and reached the advanced level in the industry. Source: Ansteel Group