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Applications Of Middle Thick Stainless Plate

Nov 01, 2021

Applications of Middle Thick Stainless Steel Plate

What is Middle Thick Stainless Steel Plate

Stainless steel medium-thick plates refer to stainless steel plates with a thickness of 4-25.0mm, those with a thickness of 25.0-100.0mm are called thick plates, and those with a thickness of more than 100.0mm are extra-thick plates.

1000 -PD - 0006

Applications of Middle Thick Stainless Steel Plate:

It is widely used to make various containers, furnace shells, furnace plates, bridge, and automobile static steel plates, low alloy steel plates, bridge steel plates, general steel plates, boiler steel plates, pressure vessel steel plates, pattern steel plates, and automobile beam steel plates. Some parts of tractors and welding components.

The main characteristics of stainless steel are compared with the development prospects of stainless steel products enterprises. With the continuous development of modern society, stainless steel products are more and more widely used in various fields because of their practicality, durability, beauty, and hygiene.


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