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Baosteel Desheng 4 Kinds Of Tapping Marks BN1TL Transferred To Normal Mass Production

Jan 25, 2022

Baosteel Desheng 4 kinds of tapping mark BN1TL transferred to normal mass production

According to Baosteel Desheng, recently, Baosteel Desheng Stainless Steel Technology Center organized a review meeting for BN1TL new product conversion. 

Six professional technicians from relevant departments of its steelmaking plant, hot rolling plant, cold rolling plant, manufacturing management department, and stainless steel technology center formed a review team to review the research and development basis, research and development methods, research and development process, and use in the research and development process of BN1TL new products. The technical measures have been comprehensively reviewed.

At the production transfer review meeting, the project leader made a systematic summary of the development necessity of BN1TL, laboratory research, industrial trial production, on-site production summary, organization and performance after stable production, user evaluation, and economic benefits. After nearly three years of research and trial production, BN1TL stainless steel has met the requirements of stable production. 

Up to now, Baosteel Desheng has successfully produced more than 1.8 million tons of BN1TL products, with stable product quality and good performance, which has been widely recognized by market users and has achieved stable batch supply, with a market share of about 30%. After review, the production transfer review team agreed to transfer the 4 types of tapping marks BN1TL to normal mass production.