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Baosteel Takes The Lead In Mastering This Key Technology

Feb 19, 2021

Recently, the one-key RH refining model application scientific research project independently developed by Baosteel Co., Ltd. which lasted for 3 years, successfully completed the scientific research and passed the expert review, marking that Baosteel Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in mastering the key technology of the sixth-generation intelligent one-key RH refining.

The project has realized all process operations such as RH oxygen blowing, alloying, cold material, vacuum, circulating gas, temperature measurement sampling, etc., from the beginning of vacuum exhaust to the end of the exhaust A historic breakthrough has been made in the field of steel refining and intelligent manufacturing, with a one-key RH refining rate of nearly 90%.

The new generation of one-key RH refining control technology has been successfully integrated and developed independently, realizing the equipment automation of L1 complete timing control. The operation of RH's vacuum, circulation, top gun and alloy four major equipment systems are completely controlled by the model. Alloy calculation, alloy weighing, alloy transport and alloy input are completed with one button. At the same time, the sequence control chain is added in terms of safety and error prevention. Voice prompts for important events, automatic locking of alloy silos, and screen prompts for all important operation processes.

The sixth generation of one-key RH refining is being developed, and an intelligent decision-making model that realizes the one-key refining function has also been innovatively constructed. On the basis of basic automation and model precision, through the construction of a one-key RH integrated control model, the organic combination of the model and L1 automation is realized, and the one-key RH refining function is stably realized.