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Brightness Division Of Mirror Stainless Steel Plate

May 26, 2021

Mirror finish stainless steel plate/No.8 stainless steel sheet, as a special type of stainless steel decorative plate, has the highest brightness of all stainless steel plates and the smoothest surface, making it more favored by designers in top-level decoration projects. Single page due to its brightness High, resulting in a huge contrast once the surface is stained, and the sensory feel is less resistant to stains than ordinary steel plates. Therefore, the mirror stainless steel plate is generally used in the decoration where it will not touch the right place, or to play the role of embellishment.

 stainless steel sheet

The brightness level of the mirror finish stainless steel plate: the general brightness detector is divided into 2K, 5K, 8K, 10K, 12K surface effects, the higher the level, the better the surface effect, and the higher the price.

The degree of mirror finish of the stainless steel plate can also be divided by visual inspection. After polishing the stainless steel decorative plate, the surface brightness is divided into 5 levels:

Level 1: White oxide film on the surface, no brightness;

Level 2: Slightly bright, can't see the outline;

Level 3: The brightness is good, and the outline can be seen;

Level 4: The surface is bright, and the outline can be seen clearly (equivalent to the surface quality of electrochemical polishing);

Level 5: Bright as a mirror.