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Hot-rolled Coil Successfully Rolled

Sep 26, 2021

Taiyuan Iron and Steel's stainless steel + carbon steel asymmetric group billet composite hot-rolled coil successfully rolled

According to China Baowu reports, recently, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group successfully rolled stainless steel + carbon steel asymmetric composite hot-rolled coils in a hot tandem mill for the first time, filling the company's production gap and taking a solid step towards subsequent batch stabilization.

The stainless steel + carbon steel composite material has the material characteristics of different steel grades. The use function not only satisfies the high strength and processing performance requirements of carbon steel, but also has the excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and aesthetics of stainless steel while making up for it It solves the problem of shortening the service period caused by insufficient corrosion resistance of carbon steel and also saves precious metal resources such as chromium and nickel.

At present, most of these composite materials on the market are hot-rolled steel plates or steel coils produced by steel mills, which basically use symmetrical reciprocating rolling, while Taigang's hot tandem rolling mills realize high-speed unidirectional continuous rolling of asymmetric composite coils. It is necessary to overcome the problems of plate shape deterioration, high-precision, and high-speed coiling, and smooth steel biting caused by the large differences in different steel grades, differentiated slab heating methods, and different steel multi-path cooling systems. The production technology is difficult and the safety risk is high.