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How Long Is The Service Life Of The Color Stainless Steel Plate

Feb 24, 2021

Generally speaking, to measure the service life of a color stainless steel plate product, we mainly look at the length of the manufacturer’s plating time for the bottom plate. In theory, the longer the plating time of stainless steel, the higher its corrosion resistance. However, due to a series of problems such as cost and production capacity of color stainless steel plate manufacturers, the electroplating time will generally be controlled at 12-15 minutes, and even more so, the electroplating time will be set at about 10 minutes. The life span of the entire steel plate is greatly reduced.

The service life of the colored stainless steel plate is not only affected by the length of the electroplating time, but also refers to the material problem of the bottom plate. Generally speaking, conscientious manufacturers will also use 304 stainless steel plate as the bottom plate of electroplated stainless steel plate. At this time, the high-quality corrosion resistance and heat resistance of 304 stainless steel plate will also be in most environments. To use.

In view of the fact that some manufacturers use 201 stainless steel as the bottom plate in order to save costs. At this time, after the color is plated by the electroplating process, you will not see any difference with the naked eye, but time will prove all this, with the passage of time , There will be white spots or rust on the color stainless steel plate.

In addition to the two factors mentioned above, under the quality assurance of the colored stainless steel plate, the condition during the use process is also a main reason that affects the life of the colored stainless steel plate. For example, its use The environment is harsh, and there is no timely maintenance and maintenance. Under these circumstances, the life of the color stainless steel plate can be used for several years is already very good.

Of course, when the color Wuxi stainless steel plate is used under normal conditions, it can be maintained for 10 years without fading. You only need to wipe the surface with a cleaning agent for maintenance. In this regard, The high-quality color Wuxi stainless steel plate will not cause any problems after more than 10 years.