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Is The Stainless Steel Plate After Wire Drawing Easy To Rust?

Feb 16, 2021

There are many places where stainless steel plates are used in life. For example, the bathroom cabinet panels in our bathroom, the kitchen cabinet panels, and the stainless steel sink are all made of stainless steel plates.

Now the problem has arisen, that is, people's requirements for the process have become higher, which will also diversify the forms of products, such as wire drawing pipes, titanium-plated gold pipes, etc., will the rust-proof performance of the stainless steel plate after the drawing treatment have an impact?

1. The stainless steel plate is not easy to rust because the nickel element forms a protective film on the surface, which makes the plate not easy to contact with oxygen and other substances in the air, so it is not easy to rust. Now the wire drawing process is carried out, and the original mirror surface is turned into a wire drawing board, and the surface is damaged. Although there is still an anti-rust function to a certain extent, the corrosion resistance is weakened.

2. Inform users to pay attention to the use environment. Don't use it in the open air, it is easy to rust due to the erosion of dust and rain. Stainless steel wire drawing should be considered for indoor use, so as to maintain the beauty of the product and the long service life.

3. Maintenance of brushed stainless steel plate. This is more important, usually be careful not to contact with acid and alkali substances, pay attention to moisture, and clean up dust.