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Korea Replace Takeaway Boxes With Stainless Steel Containers, Requiring Consumers To Apply For Recycling

May 05, 2022

Seoul, South Korea tried to replace takeaway boxes with stainless steel containers, requiring consumers to apply for recycling

News on May 3, according to CCTV Finance, in order to reduce the use of single-use plastic products, the Seoul Metropolitan Government of South Korea has joined forces with the four largest take-out platforms from May 1 to try to promote "recyclable take-out" in multiple urban areas. container".

According to reports, these takeaway containers are made of stainless steel to achieve a more environmentally friendly purpose. For customers, they need to scan the QR code on the takeaway bag to apply for recycling after eating.

For restaurants on takeaway platforms, they have to spend more money than plastic lunch boxes to rent stainless steel containers, which increases operating costs.