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Liugang Medium Plate Plant Steel Plate Sign Printing Spot Welding Robot System Officially Put Into Use

Aug 19, 2021

Liugang Medium Plate Plant "steel plate sign printing spot welding robot system" officially put into use

On August 13, Liugang Medium Plate Plant's "steel plate sign printing spot welding robot system" was officially put into use.

According to reports, the plate factory has made great efforts in the welding of 304 stainless steel signs. The design has high robustness, which can meet the advantages of welding irregularly shaped burr plates, and cannot be separated by manpower when not using tools; the height of laser engraving characters Although the maximum is 7mm, it is clear and complete. The printed QR code can be scanned and identified by the mobile APP; the content of the logo is automatically printed according to the data sent by the material tracking system, and the laser printing style can be manually modified and edited on the EzCad2 software through the template configuration. operate.

The QR code information on the sign can not only be sent back to the mobile warehouse delivery app of the mid-board in use in batches through the interface but also can improve customers' real-time grasp of the physical information of the steel plate and provide guarantee for the later logistics of the steel plate. 

(Source: Liu Gang News)