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Lun Nickel Closed Up Overnight, What About The Performance Of The Stainless Market After The Holiday?

Jun 15, 2021

LME Nickel: On June 14, the closing price of LME nickel was US$18,475/ton, an increase of US$130, and inventory decreased by 510 tons to 240,222 tons.

201 Hot Rolling: Before the holiday, Qingshan Agency News, Dingxin J1: 8600, J3: 8400, J4: 9100, J2: 8200. Quotations from other origins in the market: Beigang New Material J5 4 feet 8100-8150; J1 4 feet 8500-8550; Baosteel BN1TL narrow belt: 8100-8150 yuan/ton; CICC J5, Xinfeng J3, Jinhai J3 including tax 7950-8050 yuan/ ton. Yongda J3 7900-7950 yuan/ton including tax. From the sales point of view, the price increase of 201 is not as large as that of 304, but there are also 50-100 increases, especially for some low-cost resources. In real order trading, futures are relatively lower than the spot, but the market is more based on spot sales. At present, the J1 five-foot spot resource includes a tax of 9,000 yuan/ton to accept orders. It is expected that there will be adjustment fluctuations in 201 after the holiday.

304 hot-rolled: before the holiday, Qingshan's agency quotation increased by 100, 304 stainless steel strip period, the same price now, hot-rolled 15,000 yuan/ton, cold-rolled 14,900 yuan/ton. Market traders reported that Dingxin stainless steel strip spot excluding tax is 13500-13700 yuan/ton, and some cold-rolled prices are lower than hot-rolled by about 100; market Jinhai and Xinfeng spot quotations include tax 14600-14800 yuan/ton, and some excluding tax 13350 -13500 yuan/ton. Yongda 14600-14700 yuan/ton including tax. Shangtai includes 14800 yuan/ton with tax. In terms of large boards, Tsingshan, Beigang New Materials, Delong, Lianzhong Four and Five Feet Spots include tax of 16,100-16,400 yuan/ton, and some futures are 16,000-16100 yuan/ton. From the perspective of sales, the market has high sentiment to catch up, especially the quotations of stainless steel strip resources with few spot prices that have been continuously adjusted, with an increase of as high as 200 yuan/ton. For example, Xinfeng material rose from 14,600 yuan/ton with tax to 14,800 yuan/ton. However, some salespersons reported that transactions were mostly concentrated in the morning and some real orders were not at high prices, and the trading atmosphere tended to weaken in the afternoon. It is expected that 304 will remain flexible for the time being.