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New Breakthroughs Have Been Made in The Steel Annealing Process Of Benxi Steel Plate Special Steel Plant

Aug 06, 2021

New breakthroughs have been made in the steel annealing process of Benxi Steel Plate Special Steel Plant

After three months of technical research, the steel annealing process of the plate special steel plant has made new breakthroughs. At present, the straightening pass rate of steel annealed materials has reached 100%. At the same time, the output of annealed steel has been steadily increased, with a monthly output exceeding the planned 1,000 tons, which not only reduces the work intensity of employees but also effectively reduces production costs.

Since the beginning of this year, the plant has conscientiously implemented the "efficiency-centered" concept put forward by Bengang Group, innovated thinking, strengthened management, and strengthened employee ideological education to make the "efficiency-centered" concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the same time, the plant earnestly implemented the Bengang Group's incentive and incentive policy, and the employees’ income reflects the more work they earn, which effectively stimulates the enthusiasm of the workforce. In the first half of the year, the employees of the plant used their brains to make innovations and breakthroughs around the technical links that restricted production. Through small reforms, they played a powerful role in improving production efficiency and improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.

Annealing is an important part of special steel production, and its technological level directly affects the quality, output, and cost of steel. For a long time, due to objective factors such as equipment and technical conditions, the production efficiency of annealing materials is low, and the labor intensity of employees is relatively high. Improving the annealing process has become one of the important "topics" that the plant will tackle in the first half of the year. In order to break through this technical problem, in April, the plant technicians aimed at this "hard bone", set up a special research team, formulated a detailed research plan and actively carried out technical research.

In order to stabilize the annealing quality of the annealed material, the technicians of the plant started by optimizing the annealing process, controlling the heating speed by optimizing sections, redesigning the shim, optimizing the steel loading plan, adjusting the air-to-coal ratio of the large bar annealing furnace and other key research measures, which are effective The problem of restricting annealing quality has been overcome, and the quality of annealed steel bearing steel has been stabilized, and the metallographic structure of the annealed steel can meet the standard requirements. It is understood that since the implementation of the annealing technology, the factory has produced 166 furnaces and 9477 tons of annealed steel products. Among them, the actually measured curvature and hardness value are 105 heats. The actually measured curvature meets the requirements of the national standard, which is 6mm higher than the hardness value before the research. The deviation is less than or equal to 12HB, and the pass rate is 100%.

The stability of annealing quality also indirectly improves the efficiency of the straightening process. The annealing material does not need to be straightened twice or three times, which effectively increases the output of annealed steel. According to statistics, the average shift output of annealed materials has increased by 23 to 41 tons, which effectively alleviates the long-term long delivery period of annealed steel products. The annealing contract delivery period has been shortened by 2 days compared with the original, which directly reduces the straightening cost by more than 200,000 yuan. At the same time, since the start of the research, the labor intensity of the annealing material production of the employees of the factory has also been reduced, which has been well received by the employees.

At present, the technical staff of the plant are further optimizing the annealing process control in accordance with the production needs and playing a greater role for the enterprise to increase production and efficiency. 

(Source: Bengang News)