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Points to note when cutting stainless steel sheet

May 06, 2021

Points to note when cutting stainless steel sheet

At present, the most important and mainstream processing methods of stainless steel sheets are realized by CNC plasma cutting machines and laser CNC cutting machine equipment. They are a kind of inexpensive material, and the requirements for welding performance are different for different purposes. For a class of tableware, welding performance is generally not required, even including some pot companies. However, most products require good welding performance of raw materials, such as Class II tableware, thermos cups, steel pipes, and water heaters.

Advertising, sheet metal, and other industries mainly use thin plate cutting to process materials. Generally, the main processed material is stainless steel with a generally less than 3 mm processing thickness. When choosing a cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine is generally used for cutting. Choosing this cutting machine is mainly because of its fast cutting speed, low cutting cost, and more importantly, there will be no burning edge problem. If you choose a CNC flame cutting machine to cut thin plates, there will be burning edge problems, and cutting stainless steel plates It is impossible to use a flame cutting machine. CNC plasma cutting is superior to CNC flame cutting in terms of cutting quality and cutting benefits in the processing industry. It can cut various metals with different working gases, especially for non-ferrous metal sheets. However, as a piece of thermal processing equipment, a CNC plasma cutting machine will inevitably be thermally deformed during the cutting process. Studies have shown that choosing different cutting processes in the cutting process can effectively improve the amount of deformation.

Through the study of the defamation law and influence range of the workpiece cut by the CNC plasma cutting machine, it is found that if we want to effectively prevent the workpiece from moving during the cutting process, we should perform proper leveling treatment on the plate before cutting, and then reasonably The plate is fixed, which can prevent or reduce the number of thermal deformations; at the same time, when programming the cutting program, to separate the maximum size surface of the workpiece from the mother plate, a reasonable cutting process should be selected; cutting slender or special-shaped When using two-piece paired cutting and other control methods, it can also effectively prevent and reduce the thermal deformation of the cut workpiece.

The CNC plasma cutting machine can cut various metals with different working gases, especially when cutting non-ferrous metals with a better cutting effect. However, as a piece of thermal processing equipment, thermal deformation accidents may also occur during the cutting process, so when cutting In the process, different cutting processes should be selected for cutting, which can effectively avoid thermal deformation accidents.

In fact, in the actual processing and production, the CNC plasma cutting machine for the processing and use of stainless steel sheet also has many details worthy of our attention. The following is our explanation of the height of the arc voltage control of the cutting torch of the CNC plasma cutting machine:

1. Automatic slitting and board edge recognition function can improve the utilization of materials and reduce waste and effectively protect the cutting torch and cutting nozzle, thereby increasing their service life.

2. Initially, you can set the tracking arc voltage reference value through the keyboard, but in the cutting process, to obtain a better cutting straight, the arc voltage setting value can also be adjusted to adjust the tracking height during the cutting process. Initial positioning function: After the cutting nozzle at the end of the cutting torch is in contact with the workpiece, the cutting torch is accurately raised to the position of the arcing height and the height of the cutting torch within the range of millimeters.

3. To prevent damage to the machine when using the linear bearing lifting mechanism, it can be mainly through the keyboard. Once the force of the torch against the workpiece exceeds the range or the lifting mechanism slips, the lifting mechanism can be manually adjusted to complete the lifting and lowering actions.

4. Arc voltage automatic tracking function: its main function is to ensure that during the cutting process, even if the workpiece is uneven, the arc voltage sensor can still be used to keep the cutting torch height constant so that the constant cutting torch height can still be used. It can be cut to ensure a high level of cutting quality.