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Shougang's Cold Rolling Production Set A Record

Apr 07, 2021

Since the beginning of this year, Shougang Cold Rolling has seized market opportunities, decomposed target tasks, and formulated effective measures based on the actual conditions of each production line. Overcoming the influence of factors such as the new crown epidemic, personnel control during the Spring Festival holiday, production organization, logistics and transportation, each operation area has worked hard to achieve the goal of stable operation, high production, and profitability, and continue to achieve good results. New breakthroughs were made in improving the efficiency and speed of the pickling line. The hourly production capacity of high-strength steel increased by 12.5%, and the single-shift output set a record for shift production, exceeding the original record by 2.21%. The continuous retreat line set a record for continuous production without stopping for 36 days.

The pickling operation area regards efficiency and speed improvement as a key issue, strengthens the organization, and solves the problems of inaccurate calculation of the coil length and high-speed tail flicking caused by the raw material elliptical coil in the production of high-strength steel. A method of replacing the width and diameter measurement with the length of the hot rolled coil is designed to realize the free switching between the new and the old control modes. After the breakthrough, the hourly output of high-strength steel increased by 12.5%, which not only increased production capacity, but also reduced the work intensity of operators, operating errors and accident rates. Benefiting from the continuous development of speed and efficiency research work, the production efficiency of the pickling line has been further improved, the hourly production capacity has increased by 20%, and the number of rolls produced in shifts has been continuously refreshed.

With the goal of maintaining stability and high production in the continuous withdrawal operation area, various tasks have been carried out in depth. With the strong support of the company's leaders, various departments, and operating areas, the production process problems have been overcome through regular "unit stable operation meetings". The recovery of trimming accuracy and the improvement of trimming quality, the diagnosis and precise adjustment of the welding machine's operating status, and the long-term improvement and stability of the cleaning ability of the cleaning section. These recognized problems in the industry have been carefully demonstrated and boldly practiced. Solved one by one, and the whole line was running smoothly at full power. The equipment specialty provides inexhaustible impetus for the smooth and stable production of the production line through meticulous inspection and the formulation of almost harsh standards. The craftsmanship is always reminded and caring about, the control essentials of the deviation in the furnace, the whole process control of the quality of the trimming, and strive to achieve the ultimate. The operators of the continuous withdrawal line worked hard and carried out the production meticulously. From February 9th to March 16th, the continuous withdrawal unit operated without stopping for 36 consecutive days, breaking the record and making new contributions to the company's operation and production.