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Shougang Tonggang Successfully Developed High-precision Welded Pipe Products For Automobiles With A Diameter Of 57 mm

Aug 09, 2021

Shougang Tonggang successfully developed high-precision welded pipe products for automobiles with a diameter of 57 mm

Recently, Shougang Tonggang Welded Pipe Co., Ltd. successfully developed a new product with a diameter of 57 mm high-precision welded pipe for automobiles. The successful development of new products provides a new engine for Shougang Tonggang to expand its product market.

High-precision automotive welded pipes with a diameter of 57 mm are mainly used to support both sides of Japanese car covers. Its technical requirements are higher than the previous standards of precision tubes, and the processing is extremely difficult. In the early stage of research and development, Tonggang Welded Pipe Company held several special meetings to discuss the production plan, conducted in-depth research on weld leaks and geometric deformation during the trial production process, adjusted the welding and forming procedures, and formulated 3 sets of countermeasures. In the process of research and development, the employees of Tonggang Welded Pipe Company are not afraid of hardship or shrinking. They are willing to make a dedication and take the initiative at critical times, actively come up with ideas, think of ways, research a variety of processing paths, and make careful adjustments to each process. First, ensure the accuracy of the unit, then grind the rolls that do not meet the tolerance requirements, replace the corresponding cutters, and repeatedly test. After half a month of difficult research, the trial production is successful. At present, the product samples have passed customer acceptance, and all parameters meet the standard requirements. It is expected to be put into mass production in the near future.

The successful development of a new product of high-precision welded pipes for automobiles with a diameter of 57 mm has not only improved Tonggang's position in the field of high-end welded pipes but also further enhanced Tonggang's market competitiveness and market development capabilities.