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Taiyuan Iron And Steel Stainless Cold Rolling Plant Strives To Improve The Benefit Per Ton Of Steel

May 12, 2022

Taiyuan Iron and Steel Stainless Cold Rolling Plant strives to improve the benefit per ton of steel

Quality is better than in China, actions are better than words. In the face of the sudden emergence and rapid development of private stainless steel enterprises, the industry competition is more fierce and cruel, Taiyuan Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Plant takes the lead in the word "fast", and quickly implements the company's "special action for ton steel efficiency benchmarking and difference", and inspects the inside of the factory. 

Benchmarking mechanism, strengthen the concept of "product management, accounting for production", optimize cost and profit accounting system, focus on product management, truly benchmark and find true faults; adhere to problem orientation, work immediately, see actual results, form special work plans, and appoint people Determine responsibilities, guide all employees to work together, and form a strong synergy to enhance product competitiveness.

Compared with excellent private enterprises, there are still many gaps in some aspects. Compared with Baowu Brothers, some key economic and technical indicators are behind China's Baowu enterprises. Stainless cold rolling mills have shown courage and courage to face reality. , the factory leaders took the lead in benchmarking and benchmarking and established a special class for benchmarking and finding differences. 

Using the method of "accurate benchmarking and finding errors", not only the specific indicators, but also the working ideas behind the indicators, innovative methods, and realistic results. 

Focusing on the efficiency of 304 and 430 tons of steel, accurately find the difference, carefully analyze the unit consumption of sub-units, and speed up the short forging length according to the characteristics of wide width, continuous rolling, narrow width efficiency, and targeted control and optimization direction by division and process route. , to promote the rapid development of various tasks.

Only fight for the day and night, and take the lead. It takes hard work and skillful work to achieve results. Adhere to goal-oriented, problem-oriented, and result-oriented, and set up a special class to improve the finished product rate around the core links that affect the quality of raw materials, equipment function accuracy, on-site operation refinement, and quality cutting damage, and continue to benchmark, optimize and innovate to form a refined The finished product rate control system and standards can improve the finished product rate. 

Large drying and quick-drying, by refining the process standards according to the characteristics of different steel grades, controlling each heating temperature and furnace pressure, by studying the compound hydrochloric acid pickling process, adding corrosion inhibitors, and gradually replacing the traditional sulfuric acid pickling process and other measures, The technology is used to release the potential of improving the yield of finished products, and the acid loss of varieties is greatly reduced.

Focusing on market development, loss reduction and efficiency improvement of 430 series, ultra-pure series and BA products, a special class for product management and quality improvement and loss reduction is established, and benchmarking with benchmarking enterprises to comprehensively improve product competitiveness and enhance profitability. Work hard and work hard, make a good combination of product management, improve the market research of 430 series products, tap new users, and expand new channels. 

Continue to expand sales of high-end products, develop leading brands in the home appliance industry, and coordinate production, sales, and research; improve general product user services, accurate judgment, and precise production, among which the collaboration technology center and related processes will narrow the width of tackling key problems, increase the proportion of raw edge contract orders, and improve Reduce costs and increase efficiency while maintaining user satisfaction; make full use of the cost advantages of narrow-band areas, expand downstream, and seize market share in low-end small household appliances.

Focusing on the dual-carbon goal of Baowu Headquarters and the core link of annual energy management of TISCO Headquarters, a special class for extreme energy efficiency will be established, starting from small points and focusing on small points, starting from running out of leaks and managing long-term lights, starting from basic energy management and measurement basic management, 

Systematically improve the energy efficiency competitiveness of cold rolling mills to ensure the completion of the dual control of energy consumption. Focusing on core processes such as personnel efficiency improvement and cost control, we have established special classes to optimize, break down barriers of thinking, benchmark and consolidate basic management and improve management processes. The optimal results can be achieved through staff sorting, management process optimization, and smart manufacturing.

Efforts create strength, attitude determines height. The stainless cold-rolling plant will take this "efficiency improvement per ton of steel" action as a breakthrough, seize the opportunity, break all stereotypes and bad habits, continue to accelerate reform, development and innovation, solidly enhance core competitiveness, and achieve breakthroughs in concepts, methods and practices .