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The Current Market Is In A Transitional Period Into The Off-season

Aug 11, 2020

Affected by the drop in billets last week, the stainless steel plate opened at the beginning of the week, and the local price was generally reduced by 10-20 yuan. Since then, the continuous rise of billets and the continued rise of snails have boosted market prices, and market prices have risen slightly, low-level transactions have improved, manufacturers' quotations have continued to rise, and market confidence has been relatively high.

However, this continued upward momentum did not advance all the way, but ended in the second half of the week. On the one hand, the turbulence of the snails has slowed down the market mentality, and more importantly, the current market is in a transitional period into the off-season, and actual demand is relatively weak. In the current situation of weak demand, the actual market is still dominated by low-priced resources, and the price is not high.