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The Development Direction And Trend Of Stainless Steel Market

Aug 21, 2020

The mainstream of 304 stainless steel belts across the country remained stable this week, with individual fine-tuning. In the first half of the week, boosted by the rise of billets and snails, the leading 304 stainless steel wire factories in North China and the eastern and southern regions of China have soared by 10-50 yuan. Although the snails trend is weak in the second half of the week, the upstream cost support is still maintained. The 304 stainless steel belt in the region is mainly stable, and some 304 stainless steel wire factories in North China have increased by 10-30 yuan. In terms of transactions, the situation is strong in the north and weak in the south, especially in Tangshan 145. The situation is acceptable, so traders quote Stronger, driven by the price increase of 145304 stainless steel belt, the billet price also fluctuated upward. At present, the inventory of merchants is generally increasing slowly. Before the general direction of the 304 stainless steel strip market is not determined, traders mostly operate on the elimination of warehouses.