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The First Domestic Intelligent Unit In The Cold-rolled Stainless Steel Industry Was Completed

May 11, 2021

The first domestic "intelligent" unit in the cold-rolled stainless steel industry was completed, and Yangjiang made every effort to build a 100 billion-level alloy material industrial cluster.

The company is invested by Hongwang Investment Group Co., Ltd. and is a strategic layout project of Hongwang Group in South China. The realization of the centralized control of the whole plant and the "unmanned" operation of the production line are its main production characteristics. According to the person in charge of the company, there is a control room in the workshop, and dozens of screens can monitor all aspects of production in real time. Originally, a workshop required six to seven hundred people to work, but only about 250 people are needed after the intelligent transformation.

"The expressway has been very driving the development of Yangjiang. At present, the Yangjiang 100 billion-level alloy material industrial cluster has begun to take shape, the industrial chain is fully integrated, and the cluster has introduced 10 projects, with a total investment of 16.89 billion yuan, and a total output value of up to 103 billion yuan. Xie Yanju, deputy director of the Management Committee of Yangjiang High-tech Zone, told reporters that in the future, Yangjiang High-tech Zone will focus on building a strategic fulcrum for the coastal economic belt of Guangdong, aiming at the main direction of building a modern industrial system, and making every effort to build a 100 billion-level alloy material industrial cluster.