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The No. 2 Sintering Machine Of The Linyi Steel Investment Excellent Special Steel Project Was Successfully Ignited

May 19, 2022

The No. 2 sintering machine of the Linyi Steel Investment Excellent Special Steel Project was successfully ignited

At 10:26 a.m. on May 16, the ignition furnace of No. 2 sintering machine of the sintering project of Linyi Steel Investment Excellent Special Steel Project undertaken by MCC Tiangong was successfully ignited. 

This is another important point in the completion of the single-unit test run of the sintering machine, marking that the No. 2 sintering production line has officially entered the heat load linkage test run stage.

Linyi Iron and Steel Investment Group Special Steel Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 2.7 million tons of high-quality special steel project is the No. 2 major construction project in Shandong Province in 2020 and the number one project in Linyi City.  

The company's construction includes 2 sintering machines, 2 sets of oxygen generators, steel slag treatment, water slag treatment, 110KV substation, heating furnace, steel rolling second middle rod pile foundation and so on.

Sintering is a pre-iron production process, mainly providing sintered ore for blast furnace production. The construction content includes fuel crushing room, batching room, mixing room, granulation room, sintering machine, ring cooler, electrostatic precipitator, main exhaust fan, desulfurization and denitrification, waste heat The construction and installation of monomers and components such as power generation, the whole project has many single buildings, many high-support modules, complex equipment and process pipelines, and involves many high-altitude hoisting operations and cross-operations. 

During the construction process, the project team adhered to the spirit of "war horse", actively overcame the adverse effects of weather and epidemic, constantly sorted out the schedule, deployed and integrated high-quality resources from all parties, and worked overtime and worked hard day and night with efficient and scientific construction organization measures, and completed various projects successively. 

The foundation and foundation of the monomer, the main structure, decoration, steel structure and other important construction period nodes, and after the main control building is successfully powered, the No. 2 sintering machine, the batching room, the ring cooling, the main exhaust fan, and the main electrostatic precipitator can be quickly realized. , 25 belts, mixers, granulators and other single test and linkage test, laid a solid foundation for the smooth ignition of the sintering project.

2022 is a critical year for the Linyi Superior Special Steel Project to launch a comprehensive sprint towards completion and production. 

The participating team of the MCC Tiangong project will further improve the construction management ability, strengthen the awareness of the whole process management, promote the refined management of the project, carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and create a team image of "specially capable of attacking and fighting" with the sprint of 100 meters. Contribute to the establishment of the industry "golden signboard" for the company.