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The Price Of Stainless Welded Pipe Exceeds That Of Seamless Pipe?

Sep 23, 2021

Due to better pressure-bearing performance and higher production costs, the market price of stainless steel seamless pipes is generally higher than that of stainless steel welded pipes, and the conventional price difference is about 500-800 yuan/ton. Judging from the recent market prices, the mainstream market price of welded pipes 304Ф108*4 is about 19,500-19,800 yuan/ton, while the supply price of stainless steel seamless pipes in the Wenzhou market in China has risen to 19,800 yuan/ton. It can be seen that the stainless steel welded pipe price is comparable to that of stainless steel seamless pipe, or even higher than that of stainless seamless pipe. What are the specific reasons? Learn about it with Huaxiao Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe VS Welded Pipe Price(RMB/Ton)

——Stainless Steel Industrial Seamless Pipe  ——Stainless Steel Industrial Welded Round Pipe

The price of stainless welded pipe exceeds that of seamless pipe?It is understood that due to the power restriction policy, the narrowband has always had the problem of delays in the arrival of steel mills, and market resources are tight. In terms of round steel, although the futures market and stainless steel coils have recently increased, the price has risen, but the overall increase is "cautious". Taking Qingshan Resources as an example, the round steel has increased by 1.76% since September. The narrowband rose by 3.37%. Compared with the current price difference, it has reached 1100 yuan/ton. But even so, there are frequent calls for difficulty in shipments in the market. The steel mills also reflected the lack of funds downstream to pick up the goods and the accumulation of inventory.

From the perspective of the pipe market, according to market feedback, resistance to seamless pipe shipments has increased since August, actual demand is limited, price competition is more intense, the market is differentiated, and low-cost resources dominate. In the Wenzhou, China market, the daily shipment volume of large households is about 200 tons, while that of small households is less than 100 tons, and there are cases where orders are not issued for a few days, and the inventory is accumulated. In the initial stage of the price increase for welded pipes, the downstream purchases were acceptable under bullish sentiment. However, as the price gradually approaches seamless pipes, the acceptance is obviously not high, and sales pressure is increasing day by day. powerful.

When it comes to the outlook for the market, there are two expectations in the market. First, the price of stainless steel strip has fallen, the cost has fallen, and the market price of welded pipes has returned to rationality; but the impact of power rationing on steel mill production needs to be considered, and the follow-up still needs to pay attention to the issue of resource arrival. In the short term, it is difficult for prices to loosen. Second, round steel continues to catch up, but from the perspective of steel mills, the current orders are mainly based on negotiated quantities, and the terminal demand is not supported. The acceptance of the current price is close to the upper limit, and subsequent prices are under greater upward pressure. In terms of power curtailment and environmental protection policies in various regions, there may be a drop in supply, but at present, although bar manufacturers will be affected to a certain extent, the overall drop is not large. In the process of re-matching supply and demand, there will also be the possibility of price readjustment.