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The Supply And Demand Of Stainless Steel Will Change, And The Price May Go Down

Feb 28, 2022

The supply and demand of stainless steel will change, and the price may go down

The price of the main stainless steel market increased by 500 yuan in February. According to the statistics of Lange Steel Network Information Research Center, as of February 28, stainless steel coils (304/2B/2.0mm*1219mm*C) in major cities reported 19,300 yuan (ton price, the same below. Among them, the main market 304/2B/ 2.0mm coils, 1219mm shavings produced by Taigang Tianguan are 19,150 yuan, and 1219mm wide shavings produced in Zhangpu and Qingpu are 19,450 yuan.

In February, the post-holiday price of the main stainless steel market was strong, reaching a high of 19,800 yuan this month, and then the price fell to 19,300 yuan today. After the festival, stainless steel is thriving, and it has a good start, and it is steadily rising. After the high point of 19,800 yuan remained stable for a few days, the price fell, and the transaction became weaker. 

The reason was that the raw material side of the entire steel market was affected. Later, due to the gradual resumption of production due to the suspension and reduction of production, the supply and demand will change, and the price of stainless steel has not changed its weakness until this time. It is expected that the market price of major stainless steel may decline in March.