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TISCO Completed The Expansion And Transformation Of The Autoclaved Fly Ash Aerated Concrete Slab Production Line With An Annual Output Of 300,000 Cubic Meters

May 19, 2021

Recently, Taiyuan Iron and Steel’s Fly Ash Comprehensive Utilization Company’s product structure adjustment and intelligent upgrade and transformation project-300,000 m³ autoclaved fly ash aerated concrete block production line aerated concrete slab expansion and transformation project successfully completed the heat load test run, marking this The production line has been completed and has an annual production capacity of 200,000 m³ aerated concrete panels. TISCO has further enhanced its product strength and competitiveness in the field of prefabricated construction.

Taiyuan Iron and Steel Fly Ash Comprehensive Utilization Company is a professional company for the utilization of solid waste resources. It uses coal-fired power generation solid waste fly ash and desulfurized gypsum as the main raw materials, supplemented by solid waste such as slag, dust removal lime, and water quenched slag The main energy source is steam from power generation waste heat and industrial circulating water to produce autoclaved fly ash aerated concrete blocks, autoclaved fly ash aerated concrete slabs, autoclaved fly ash bricks, building gypsum powder and commercial fly ash Ash is a green and environmentally friendly new wall material enterprise with a high level of comprehensive utilization of solid waste resources in China. It is also a pioneer in the comprehensive utilization of solid waste resources in Shanxi Province. Its annual production of various fly ash wall material products ranks in the forefront of the industry. It has spread to Hebei, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other provinces.

In recent years, with the development of prefabricated buildings, autoclaved fly ash aerated concrete panels, as the first-choice product closest to the assembly of building components, are emerging in the construction market. Because of its reinforced steel reinforcement, large facade, easy installation, high strength, individual design, and fire resistance, frost resistance, thermal insulation and other characteristics, its advantages in high-rise buildings have become more obvious and are favored by builders. Comprehensive utilization The company’s original 4.8m autoclaved fly ash aerated concrete slab production line has an annual production capacity of 100,000 m³ autoclaved fly ash aerated concrete slabs. Since last year, with the rapid increase in orders, it has been unable to meet The large demand in the market.

According to the relevant person in charge of the comprehensive utilization company, in the face of the upward trend of the aerated concrete board market, many cities in the province are building and preparing to build aerated concrete board production lines, and the starting point for construction capacity and equipment is relatively high. Since 2018, the demand for aerated concrete slabs in Taiyuan and its surrounding areas has been increasing year by year. Although the application of aerated concrete blocks and aerated concrete slabs coexist, the consumption of aerated concrete blocks is increasing by about 10% each year. The total amount dropped. If TISCO does not take the lead in product upgrades and intelligent transformations in advance, TISCO's scale, equipment, brand, and quality advantages will soon be surpassed.

In December 2020, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group decided to intelligently upgrade the 300,000 m³ autoclaved fly ash block production line, which was contracted by Shanxi Taiyuan Iron and Steel Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. The project has a total investment of more than 30 million yuan. On the basis of the original plant and some public auxiliary facilities, it is equipped with the most advanced 6m somersault crane aerated concrete slab process equipment, and adopts the most cutting-edge intelligent control technology in China. Realize automatic operation of the main process and online unmanned docking. A complete set of fully automatic equipment for online processing of meshes was newly added to form an automated operation for the entire process from mesh processing to finished product production, which greatly improved labor productivity.

According to the relevant person in charge of Taigang Engineering Technology Company, in order to rush to the construction dormant period of the end of the winter of 2020, the engineering technology company has reduced the construction period to the greatest extent. Under the conditions of simultaneous production and construction, a narrow site and numerous processes, The design and construction method is adopted. Designers work overtime to draw drawings. The construction team concentrates on manpower and machinery to fight the battle of annihilation. The project department puts safety and quality first, formulates strict construction and installation plans, holds promotion meetings every day, advances st

ep by step, and comprehensively utilizes the company’s docking team. Track project construction throughout the process. During the Spring Festival, everyone gave up the holiday for family reunion and stick to their posts. After three and a half months of hard work, with the joint efforts of the project management department, design team, construction team, equipment supplier and owner unit, the heat load test run was successfully carried out on April 15, 2021, which is better than the old line of the same type. The reconstruction construction time has been shortened by more than half a year.

After the completion of the intelligent upgrading project, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Fly Ash Comprehensive Utilization Company will have an annual production capacity of 500,000 m³ autoclaved aerated concrete blocks or 300,000 m³ autoclaved aerated concrete slabs, and two production lines. The combination of varieties and specifications is better, and Taigang's wall material products continue to be the industry leader in Shanxi Province.