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What Factors Determine The Quality Of Stainless Steel Decorative Pipes?

Mar 23, 2021

When we choose stainless steel decorative pipes, we all think about choosing good quality stainless steel pipes, but what factors determine the quality of stainless steel decorative pipes?

01. Material

Stainless steel decorative pipes can be made into many different products, such as guardrails, doors, windows, handrails, etc. The commonly used materials are 201, 304, 316L, etc. If the quality of these materials is not good, the use time limit of these products will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the choice of decorative tube should be made by a formal and qualified manufacturer. Because some manufacturers choose to use inferior or unqualified raw materials for production and processing in order to earn more profits, this will make the processed products unable to meet the customer's application requirements, and may cause accidents.

02, processing

(1) In addition to the raw materials of the stainless steel decorative tube that can affect the quality of the product, the processing of the welded part will also affect the quality and appearance of the product. The welded part of the stainless steel tube is also limited. Generally, only specific locations can be welded. . Welding workers should also choose experienced and mature ones. After all, welding technology directly affects the product.

Welding may be a rough job with little technical content in the eyes of ordinary people, but this is not the case. Welding is not as simple as we thought, and it is not something that everyone can do.

(2) Pay attention to the problem of wall thickness during the processing. If the wall thickness is not uniform, it will cause deformation of the stainless steel decorative pipe.

In the relevant national regulations, the maximum reduction in wall thickness of stainless steel pipes cannot exceed its nominal thickness. However, on-site measurements have found that some wall thickness reductions have reached 20-30. If we don’t know how to measure, we can use an ultrasonic thickness gauge to measure.

(3) The problem of excessive hardness is also the main reason that affects the pipe fittings. This problem is mainly due to the problem of the heat treatment process after forming. In fact, it can be solved very simply. As long as the heat treatment is performed again with the correct heat treatment process, it can be solved.

The above is the relevant report on what factors determine the quality of stainless steel decorative pipes. Choosing a good manufacturer is a decisive factor for the quality of stainless steel decorative pipes.