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Will The Color Of The Stainless Steel Sheets Fade?

May 20, 2021

With the widespread use of colored stainless steel sheets, people who have stainless steel decorative panels will have such a question: Will the colored stainless steel sheets fade or will gold plated stainless steel fade? In fact, there are many processing techniques for color stainless steel plates. Today, let’s talk about the four steps of processing color stainless steel sheets and will the color stainless steel sheets fade?

colored stainless steel sheets

The four steps of color stainless steel sheets processing

1. Degreasing activation

In the first step, use the stainless steel degreasing activation solution to degrease and activate the KTV stainless steel door, and then rinse it with clean water.

2. Passivation treatment

After cleaning the door, passivate the door with stainless steel passivation paste or passivation solution for a period of time, from half an hour to more than two hours.

3. Rinse with alkaline water

After the passivation is completed, rinse with alkaline water, rinse well and rinse the door with water.

4. Spraying liquid

After completing the above steps, apply a stainless steel film to the door to form a transparent hard film to prevent contamination such as fingerprints.

Will the color stainless steel sheets fade?

1. Normally, any coated colored stainless steel sheets will not fade

The so-called paint separation must be a transparent film. Yes, this is lacquer. This is a transparent paint sprayed on the product to maintain the bright and beautiful appearance of the cup when it leaves the factory. It was once called "varnish".

2. The color stainless steel sheet is a color stainless steel plate on which the surface of the stainless steel plate is colored on a stainless steel substrate through a surface coloring treatment technology. The color of the current color stainless steel plate is very beautiful. It is a very good decorative material. The color stainless steel plate and the color surface layer can withstand a temperature of 200°C. The salt spray corrosion resistance is better than ordinary stainless steel, and the color stainless steel plate is wear-resistant The performance and scratch resistance are equivalent to the performance of foil layer gold coating.