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WISCO's CSP Production Line Breaks Three Records For Ultra-thin Steel Production

Jan 20, 2021

New year and a new look. Recently, good news came from the CSP production line of Wuhan Iron and Steel Bar Plant: The rolling steel rolling work area of the second shift continuously rolled 124 exported ultra-thin products with a thickness of ≤1.2mm in a single shift. The number of blocks exceeded 10, setting three production records in one fell swoop for the number of continuous rolling blocks of ultra-thin materials, the proportion of ultra-thin materials, and the hourly output, achieving a good start in 2021. Coincidentally, the original record of 119 blocks was also created by this operation area.

The thin product is the characteristic of CSP. However, the thinner the steel, the higher the requirements for the setting of process parameters and the accuracy of the equipment. Therefore, continuous and stable rolling of extremely thin materials is a pain point for the CSP production line.

Aiming at difficult points head on. For the smooth rolling of this round of thin steel, the process and equipment in the rolling area are planned to cooperate in advance to clean up the key quality equipment problems that affect the stability of rolling, formulate solutions, and restore accuracy during maintenance. The steel rolling process technicians have tracked the production of ultra-thin products for many times, optimized a number of key process parameters, compiled operating points, and guided the production on shift.

Bring out real tricks and move real. After taking over, the steel rolling work area of Class B inspected and confirmed more than 30 equipment conditions such as the state of the billet roller table of the soaking furnace and the height of the plate line, which created conditions for breaking records. The thin-rolling skill master Li Bo and the regional professional follow-up belt class to dynamically monitor and adjust the rolling process; the finishing rolling operator optimizes the rolling sequence according to the reasonable, which not only reduces the belt output but also makes the transition smooth. Through the joint efforts of all staff, three records in the production of extremely thin materials were set in one fell swoop.