Advantages And Applications Of 201 Stainless Steel Wire

1. 201 stainless wire is not easy to be corroded

There is a protective film on the surface of the 201 stainless steel wire. This is because when the 201 stainless steel wire comes into contact with the air, it will react with the oxygen in the air and then form a protective film. This protective film acts as a brush on the metal surface.

201 Stainless Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire For Spokes

Paint also has a protective function on metal surfaces. In general, we will also passivate the surface of stainless steel wire to reduce the possibility of corrosion. However, materials like iron are easily corroded, and after a long period of time, salvation will lose use value. Stainless steel wire generally does not have such a situation, so as to ensure that the stainless steel wire is not corroded, so that it can naturally increase its service life.

2. 201 stainless wire is resistant to high temperature

201 stainless steel wire high-temperature resistance The stainless steel wire used has high-temperature resistance performance. It will not change easily when the temperature changes, and there will be no thermal expansion and contraction problems so that it will not cause the 201 stainless steel wire to deform and become unusable, while aluminum is different because of its low hardness. , It will be easily deformed under external force and shorten its service life.

3. 201 stainless steel wire has high strength and high hardness

Under normal circumstances, it is not easy to wear. Even after ten years, it is the same as when it was first bought. The strength of iron and other metals is not as strong as that of 201 stainless steel wire, and parts will be worn during use. This requires timely replacement of equipment, which increases production costs.

In addition to long use, 201 stainless steel wire has the advantages of smooth and beautiful surface, softness, good winding ability, corrosion resistance, static resistance and radiation resistance, high-temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high strength, and high elasticity.

201 stainless steel wire has good corrosion resistance, so it has been used in different fields. And just in our daily life, due to the strong thermal conductivity of stainless steel wire, it is often used in household appliances. Moreover, the heat resistance of stainless steel wire is relatively high, the finish is also very high, it looks relatively clean, and it is relatively convenient to clean up.