1.Gansu Yongjin Project status

Jiayuguan key project — Gansu Yongjin Metal Technology Co., LTD. Annual output of 220,000 tons of precision cold rolled stainless steel strip project is accelerating the construction.

Up to now, the project has completed an investment of 170 million yuan, among which 90% of the main plant construction in the first phase has been completed, 80% of the road subgrade in the workshop ground and factory has been completed, auxiliary facilities have entered the equipment installation stage, office buildings and staff dormitory have completed the main construction, 110KV substation and hydrogen production station have been roofed and equipment has entered the installation stage.

Gansu Yongjin


Gansu Yongjin

2.Project background

Reporters learned that Gansu Yongjin Metal Technology Co., LTD. Annual output of 220 thousand tons of precision cold rolled stainless steel plate belt project is based on the city’s “three two points” function positioning, around the “2+6+N” industry deployment precision recruitment, and Jsteel (Group) Co., Ltd. to carry out precise investment projects.

The project relies on the parent company Zhejiang Yongjin Metal Technology Co., LTD. ‘s domestic leading production experience and scientific and technological R&D advantages of precision stainless steel sheet belt, and integrates the advantages of high-quality raw materials provided by Jisco (Group) Hongxing Iron & Steel Co., LTD., to build the ultra-thin precision stainless steel sheet belt which is vacant in the domestic market. With high-end cold precision BA plate belt, wide ultra-thin precision stainless steel plate as the main production products of long chain complement chain strong chain.

3.Investment and estimated output

With a total investment of 1.23 billion yuan, the project will construct three production lines of pickling free hydrogenation cold rolling. After the completion of the project, the annual processing capacity of bright stainless steel will reach 220,000 tons, the estimated output value of 2.97 billion yuan, the tax revenue of 92.84 million yuan, and the employment of 350 people will be promoted.

The project was signed on November 27, 2021, and officially started construction on April 10, 2022. It is planned to build a pickling free hydrogenation cold rolling production line within this year.

4.Project support

In order to ensure the successful implementation of the project, the Management Committee of the industrial Park set up Gansu Yongjin Project Service class to cooperate with the municipal development and reform, ecological and environmental protection, natural resources, housing and construction departments.

In accordance with the working mechanism of “weekly report, monthly dispatch and quarterly notification”, we actively provide “one-stop” quality services for the Yongjin project, and successfully complete all the preliminary procedures of the project to ensure that the project starts construction on schedule.

In PARTICULAR, THE STAFF ASSIGNED TO THE PARK BY the National Development AND Reform Commission and the Natural Resources Bureau, in cooperation with the SPECIAL class of the PARK, lead and assist the planning and land procedures for the whole process of the project, so as to truly realize the land acquisition, construction, completion and production of the project in the same year.

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