How to achieve the 12K effect of mirror stainless steel plate

Mirror stainless steel plate literally means that the stainless steel plate is processed like a mirror, but it is impossible to produce a high-quality mirror stainless steel plate because it is related to many aspects. For example, the material of the raw materials, the equipment of the manufacturer, the technical level of the workers, and so on. How can the mirror stainless steel plate achieve the 12K effect?

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In order to achieve the effect of 12K mirror stainless steel plates, what I have to say is the control of raw materials. In fact, not all stainless steel coils produced by steel mills can grind the mirror surface, so the general processing manufacturers will try to open several flat plates on one coil to make the mirror surface to see the effect, which not only wastes time but also makes the quality not guaranteed. 

However, when 304 stainless steel plate manufacturer Huaxiao Metal makes mirror panels, we prefer Jiugang easy-abrasive materials, so there is no need to worry about not grinding the mirror surface and worrying about quality, which saves worry and effort.

In terms of polishing equipment, in order to pursue production efficiency, the steel plate polishing equipment on the market will design the equipment according to the principle. The idea is that the more grinding heads, the better the effect and the faster the speed. I have seen a piece of equipment being installed in the equipment manufacturer with a length of 30 to 40 meters (the grinding head part), and there are more than 196 grinding heads. 

There are 49 groups of four. It is estimated that the original designer planned a board to go in and come out to achieve the expected effect. In fact, it is not because the working principle of the grinding head is to rotate at a high speed and swing laterally from side to side. 

If the pressure of the grinding head is uneven, or there are impurities such as sand particles in the process of grinding the plate, the effect is self-evident. Think about it, there are many grinding heads, one of which has sand on it, and the plate comes out to know it, but I can’t find where the sand is. 

That’s how head-grinding flowers, head-grinding prints, fun mirrors, and depressions come about. Therefore, Huaxiao Metal spares no expense to import high-end mirror polishing equipment from Germany to ensure efficiency while controlling defects such as grinding head flowers, grinding head marks, fun-hung mirrors, and depressions. However, for customers with higher requirements, we will grind it again until the customer’s requirements are met.

Mirror stainless steel plate can be said to be the sharp knife product of Huaxiao Metal, and it has also been unanimously praised by everyone in the stainless steel industry. After all, we have more than 10 years of experience in mirror stainless steel plates. 

There are a large number of mirror stainless steel sheets of different quality grades circulating in the market to reflect their different values. But we only do high-quality mirror stainless steel plates. How can mirror stainless steel plates achieve 12K effect? Please pay attention to 304 stainless steel plate manufacturer Huaxiao Metal, it will live up to your expectations!