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choose stainless steel welded tube

2 steps to choose stainless steel welded tubes
choose stainless steel welded tube
how to choose stainless steel welded tube

Stainless steel welded tubes are tubes made of stainless steel material, with their surfaces capable of welding various alloys such as carbon steel. Stainless steel welded tubes are primarily used for fluid transportation or manufacturing various components, such as petroleum drill rods, automobile drive shafts, bicycle frames, and steel scaffolding used in construction.

Due to the excellent performance and low price of stainless steel welded tubes, they occupy a considerable share of the steel pipe market. However, with the rapid economic development in our country, the demand for steel materials is increasing, leading to the emergence of some counterfeit products in the market to deceive consumers.

So, how to distinguish genuine stainless steel welded tubes from fake ones?

what is weld seam in stainless steel welded tubes?

First, we need to understand what the weld seam of a stainless steel welded tubes is.

  1. Welding Joint: This is the crucial part formed by the fusion of the metal grains of the stainless steel with those of the base metal. They tightly bond together, forming the core structure of the weld seam.
  2. Fusion (Solidification): In the welding joint, the metal grains and the base metal achieve a firm bond through a metallurgical process called fusion or solidification. This ensures the stability and strength of the weld seam.
  3. Heat Resistance: After fusion, the welded joint not only has a tight structure but also exhibits excellent strength characteristics, known as heat resistance. This enables the stainless steel weld seam to maintain its strength and stability even in high-temperature environments.

the quality of stainless steel weld seams

Next, let’s delve into how to accurately assess the quality of weld seams on stainless steel welded tubes:

  • Visual Inspection Method:
    • High-quality stainless steel weld seams typically exhibit natural shades such as silver-white, bright white, silver-gray, or dark gray, with a uniform and consistent overall appearance.
    • In contrast, inferior weld seams may display abnormal colors such as gray-brown, dark brown, or black-red, indicating the possible addition of other heavy metal elements or impurities, leading to a decrease in weld seam quality.
    • A black coloration in the weld seam may suggest the inappropriate addition of heavy metal elements; a gray-white or light blue coloration may indicate that no additional impurities were added to the weld seam; while yellow coloration may suggest the addition of sulfur components.
  • Acid Testing Method:

By adding acidic reagents to the surface of the weld seam, we can observe its reaction. If the weld seam is defective, bubbles will form when the acidic reagent comes into contact with it. This apparent phenomenon can serve as an important indicator for assessing weld seam quality.

  • Ammonium Chloride Solution Testing Method:

Similar to the acid testing method, dripping ammonium chloride solution onto the weld seam and observing its reaction can help assess weld seam quality. If the weld seam quality is poor, bubbles will also form when the solution comes into contact with it. This testing method can also assist us in accurately determining the quality of stainless steel weld seams.

Through the detailed analysis and discussion above, it is evident that assessing the quality of stainless steel weld seams requires comprehensive consideration of various factors, including visual appearance, acid testing, and ammonium chloride solution testing. These methods and techniques not only help us accurately evaluate the quality of weld seams but also ensure that weld seams can exhibit their intended strength and stability in practical applications.

As a stainless steel export company with rich experience and professional expertise, Huaxiao Metal is committed to providing high-quality stainless steel welded tubes to our customers. We offer a diverse selection of grades and sizes to meet the needs of different customers. Whether it’s stringent requirements for weld seam quality or performance demands for stainless steel materials, we can provide professional solutions.

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