U.S. Steel to invest $1 billion to build steelmaking and continuous casting lines

U.S. Steel announced on August 8 that it will invest $1 billion to build new steelmaking and continuous casting lines at its two steel plants in Mon Valley, Pennsylvania.

The company plans to build a new continuous casting line at Edgar Thomson and a new combined heat and power facility at Clairton.

The company said that the application of the new continuous casting production line will significantly improve its product competitiveness in the home appliance, construction, and industrial markets, and factory workers will also receive corresponding training in the operation of the new equipment. At the same time, the investment will boost the economy of southwestern Pennsylvania and provide job security for thousands of steelworkers.

“This investment by U.S. Steel opens a new chapter in Pennsylvania’s manufacturing industry,” David Taylor, president, and CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association said in a news conference at the Clayton plant. The construction and application of the production line will consolidate the position of the global advanced manufacturing center in southwestern Pennsylvania.”

(Park Yue) “China Metallurgical News” (August 19, 2022, second edition of 2nd edition)

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