Stainless steel seamless pipe, we can also call it stainless seamless pipe, stainless steel seamless pipes and tubes and ss seamless pipe. Due to a series of advantages such as oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, it is widely used in industry, construction, manufacturing and other industries.

Features of Haxiao Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

  • The thicker the wall of the stainless steel seamless pipe, the higher the economy and practicability. On the contrary, the thinner the wall thickness, the higher its cost.
  • The general seamless steel pipes have low precision, different pipe wall thicknesses, low brightness inside and outside the pipe, high sizing cost, and pits and black spots on the inner and outer pipe walls that are not easy to remove.
  • Its detection and shaping must be processed offline. Therefore, it embodies its superiority in terms of high pressure, high strength, and mechanical structure materials.

Stainless Seamless Pipes are classified by application

The reason why the stainless steel condenser tube can replace the copper alloy condenser tube is that the stainless steel seamless tube has corrosion resistance and guarantees the long-term continuous and full-load operation of the generator set.

The boiler produces high-temperature flue gas and water vapor, so the general boiler tube will be oxidized and corroded. Boiler tubes made of stainless steel seamless tubes have high enduring strength, high oxidation and corrosion resistance, and good organizational stability.

U-tube heat exchangers are designed for high temperature applications, especially steam condensation or hot oil systems. The hose has different grades of SS U pipe, such as: 304 stainless steel U pipe, 304L stainless steel U pipe, 316 stainless steel U pipe, 316L stainless steel U pipe and 201 stainless steel U pipe.

Stainless steel seamless steel tubes in nuclear power plants are widely used in nuclear power plants due to their small performance changes caused by swelling and irradiation, low induced radioactivity and impurities, especially phosphorus, sulfur content and participating elements, etc., so they are widely used in nuclear power plants.

Specifications of Stainless Steel Welded Tube


stainless steel seamless pipe(stainless seamless pipe, stainless steel seamless pipes, and tubes, ss seamless pipe)


   Grade: stainless steel pipe 316l seamless, ASTM a312 seamless stainless steel pipe, 304 stainless steel seamless pipe, 316 stainless steel seamless pipe, etc.

Stainless Steel Welded Tube OD

OD: 0.125” – 3.00” (3.175mm – 76.2mm) or as customers’ request

Stainless Steel Welded Tube Wall

Wall: 0.016” – 0.120” (0.406mm – 3.04mm) or as customers’ request


Tisco steel, Posco steel, Ttss,Bao steel, etc

Applications of Stainless Welded Pipe

  • mechanical industry
  • Petroleum geological industry
  • Chemical pipe
  • Stainless Steel Tube For Papermaking
  • Heat exchanger tubes, etc.
  • Oil and gas

Seamless stainless steel pipe manufacturing process

1. Hot rolling (extruded seamless steel pipe): round tube billet → heating → piercing → three-roll cross rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion → pipe removal → sizing (or reducing) → cooling → straightening → hydraulic test (Or flaw detection)→mark→warehousing

2. Cold drawn (rolled) seamless steel pipe: round tube blank → heating → piercing → heading → annealing → pickling → oiling (copper plating) → multi-pass cold drawing (cold rolling) → billet tube → heat treatment → straightening →Hydraulic test (detection)→Marking→Warehousing.

Why choose Huaxiao Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe?

1. Export Experience in Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes and Tubes

More Than 13 Years of Experience in Manufacturing Stock&Supply of Stainless steel seamless pipes and tubes.

As a stainless steel seamless pipe manufacturer in China, we have exported stainless steel seamless pipes to the United States, Australia, Germany, Canada, and Latin America and other countries.

2. The Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe price is moderate: 

For stainless steel seamless pipes, we have our own long-term cooperation factory, so the price of stainless steel seamless pipes is relatively low compared to other traders. Of course, if a stainless steel seamless pipe with a thinner wall thickness is required, its cost will increase, and the price will also increase. If the quantity is large or there is a second purchase opportunity in the future, we will all have a certain discount.

3. Quality Assurance: 

We use high-quality tube blanks, advanced machines, and masters with years of production and operation experience to make stainless steel seamless tubes. During our production, many factory inspections to ensure product quality. And if the customer requires a certificate related to stainless steel, we can all go to the test.

Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are seamless stainless steel pipes?

Stainless steel seamless steel pipe is a steel pipe without a weld seam inside the pipe blank through production processes such as cold drawing and hot rolling. Because of its resistance to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, and water, and chemical attacks such as acid, alkali, and salt, it is also called stainless acid-resistant steel pipe.

What is the Difference Between Seamless and ERW Stainless Steel Pipes?

The resistance welding (ERW) tube is made by rolling the metal and welding the metal longitudinally along the length direction. The seamless pipe is manufactured by extruding a solid round billet of metal into a certain length; therefore, there are welded joints on the cross-section of the ERW pipe, while the seamless pipe does not have any joints.

Is seamless pipe stronger than welding?

First of all, in terms of performance, seamless pipes may be better than welded pipes.

Because the corrosion resistance and pressure resistance of seamless pipes are much higher than that of welded pipes.

But now with the improvement of the welded pipe manufacturing process, its properties are gradually approaching seamless pipes. In certain industries, it can replace stainless steel seamless pipes.

Secondly, in terms of price. The performance of seamless pipe is good and the production process is complicated, so the cost of stainless steel seamless pipe is also very good. And from the stainless seamless pipe suppliers, the stainless steel seamless pipe price is higher than that of stainless steel welded pipe.

From the above two simple points, we can conclude that no one is better than the other, and each has its own advantages in different industry applications.