Stainless steel strips, also called ss strips, stainless strips, or stainless steel strip coils.

Huaxiao stainless steel strip suppliers can export them to various countries with different materials and sizes. If you are buying stainless strips of regular size and material, and you don’t have enough delivery time for the stainless steel strips suppliers&manufacturers, when you need fast delivery, please contact us to buy ss strips, we have a large inventory of ss strip stock.

Generally, steel coils with lower-than-normal widths are called narrow strips. A stainless steel coil with a normal width of 1000 mm becomes a stainless steel coil, and a stainless steel coil with a width of less than 1000 mm can be called a stainless steel narrow strip.

Product Range of Haxiao Stainless Steel Strip

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Precision Stainless Steel Strip

Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel Strip

Range Specification



Thickness Tolerance

Thickness≤0.1mm  ±2.5μm

Thickness≤0.5mm  ±5μm

Thickness≤0.6mm  ±40μm

Thickness≤1.0mm  ±50μm

Uniformity of Hardness


No requests

Width Tolerance

Width≤30mm  ±0.015mm

Width≤100mm ±0.03 mm

Width≤250mm ±0.05 mm

Width≤610mm ±0.1 mm

Width≤1524mm +5mm


1-2 IU

Min 3 IU

The Burr Height and Edge Quality

Thickness 0.02-0.1mm  ≤6%

Thickness 0.1-0.5mm   ≤5%

There are special requirements for deburring or round-edged strip steel

Thickness 0.4mm  Burr height 0.03mm

Thickness 3.0mm  Burr height 0.09mm

No requests

Process Classification of Stainless Steel Strip

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Cold-rolled steel strip refers to the use of hot-rolled steel strip and steel plate as raw materials, which are rolled into strip steel and sheet steel by a cold rolling mill at room temperature. Generally, the thickness is 0.3-3mm and the width is 100-2000mm.

Hot-rolled steel strip generally refers to coiled steel with a thickness of 1-20mm, and a width of 600-2000mm. Hot-rolled steel strip can be used directly as hot-rolled steel sheet, or cold-rolled steel strip can be supplied as billet.

The difference between precision stainless steel precision strip and ordinary stainless strip is that the thickness is less than 0.3 mm, our company can provide thinner 0.02 mm precision stainless steel strip. 

The production processes of a cold rolled strip, hot rolled strip, and precision strip are different as follows:

Raw Material Selection: Cold rolled strips and precision strips usually use high-quality stainless steel master coils as raw material, while hot rolled strips usually use hot rolled coils or hot rolled billets as raw material.

Rolling Temperature: The rolling temperature of the hot-rolled strip is usually above 1000°C, while the cold-rolled strip and precision strip are rolled at room temperature or at a slightly higher temperature.

Rolling Pressure: Hot rolled strip has a higher rolling pressure, usually in the range of tens to hundreds of tons, while cold rolled strip and precision strip require higher rolling pressure, usually reaching thousands of tons or more.

Surface Treatment: Cold rolled strips and precision strips need to go through multiple processes of pickling, cold drawing, and annealing for surface treatment in order to obtain higher surface quality and dimensional accuracy. While the surface treatment of hot rolled strips is relatively simple, usually only basic treatment such as pickling is required.

Processing: Since cold rolled strips and precision strips require higher dimensional accuracy, more processing processes are required, such as cutting, bending, curling, stretching, etc. While the processing process of the hot-rolled strips is relatively less.

Product Use: The stainless steel strips produced by different processes are used for different purposes. Hot-rolled strips are usually used in some fields with low surface requirements, such as structural use, while cold-rolled strips and precision strips are usually used in fields with high requirements for surface quality and dimensional accuracy, such as electronics, precision machinery, automobiles, etc.

Specifications of Stainless Steel Strips

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Stainless Steel Strips(Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Strips, Cold rolled stainless steel strips, Precision stainless steel strips, Stainless steel narrow coil)


ASTM A240, JIS G4304, G4305, GB/T 4237, GB/T 8165, etc


301 stainless steel strips, 304 stainless strips, 430 stainless steel strips, 420 stainless metal strips, 321 stainless steel strip rolls,  310 SS strips, 410s stainless strips, 316 stainless steel strip coils, etc


Finish of stainless steel Strips:
NO.1, 2B, Polished stainless steel strips: BA, 2BA, NO.4, NO.8, 8K, mirror; perforated stainless steel strips, checkered, embossed, HL, color, sandblast, etching, etc


0.02~3mm. as customers’ request


3.0mm-650mm, etc. as customers request


as customers request


Tisco steel, Posco steel, Ttss,Bao steel, etc

Features of Stainless Steel Strips

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Stainless steel strips have excellent corrosion resistance due to its special composition and structure, and is suitable for use in various harsh environments.

Stainless steel strips have high tensile and yield strengths, making it a high strength material.

Stainless steel strips have excellent performance in high temperature environments and is suitable for use in high temperature applications.

Stainless steel strips are easy to process and can be processed by cold rolling, hot rolling, cold drawing, cold drawing, etc., which can meet different usage requirements.

Stainless steel strips have high surface hardness and good wear resistance, which can be used in heavy load and high wear environment.

Stainless steel strips have beautiful surface luster and texture, which is widely used in decoration, construction and other fields.

Applications of Stainless Steel Strips

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430 Stainless steel narrow strip springs

Electronics and Electrical Industries

Stainless steel strips have become an indispensable material in the electronics and electrical industries because of their excellent corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, oxidation resistance, and aesthetics. Stainless steel is commonly used to manufacture battery cells (electrodes of solar cells, and some other thin-film solar cells), electronic devices (housing of electronic devices, leads of electronic components, insulating sleeves, etc.), connectors (spring pieces of connectors, spring pieces of connecting pieces), wires, cables (shields of wires, cables, stranded wires, metal housings)

stainless steel narrow strips car door

Machinery and Automotive Industries

Stainless steel strips have become an indispensable material in the machinery and automotive industries because of their excellent corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, oxidation resistance, and aesthetics. Stainless steel narrow strips can be used to manufacture springs (torsion springs, compression springs, tension springs), gaskets, bearings, tools, valves, automotive parts (automotive exhaust pipes, hub caps, doors, windows, and other parts)

stainless steel narrow strips door

Construction Industry

Stainless steel narrow strips are ideal materials for the construction industry because of their excellent corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength, oxidation resistance, and aesthetics. Stainless steel strips can be used for decoration (decorative panels, window, and door frames), protection (roofing, exterior wall panels), making pipes (drainage pipes, ventilation pipes), making decorative parts inside elevators and door frames

stainless steel strips chemical storage

Chemical Industry

Due to its high corrosion and high-temperature resistance, stainless steel strips are commonly used to make lining materials in chemical reactors and storage tanks. Stainless steel belts are also often used in piping systems in the chemical industry. In addition, stainless steel strip is also one of the ideal materials for making valves and pumps. This is due to the fact that stainless steel strip is not only resistant to corrosion and high temperature and pressure but also able to maintain their shape and dimensional stability.

Why Choose Huaxiao?

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◆ Material Advantage

With the whole process flow of advanced stainless steel technology and equipment, it can provide superior material for precise stainless steel strips.

◆ Facilities Advantage

Our stainless steel strips factory has advanced facilities in China.

◆ Technology Advantage

Experienced team and strongest R&D capability among Chinese stainless steel strips suppliers.

◆ Product Advantage

The thinnest stainless steel strips in China(0.02mm).

The highest tensile strength reaches 2100N/mm2.

The narrowest width reaches 3mm.

Producing good high-carbon martensite steel, which fills the domestic blank.

Producing superior high-accuracy Nickel base alloy, Titanium alloy, and other alloys.

Stainless Steel Strips: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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The cold-rolled steel strips are made of hot-rolled coils as raw materials, which are rolled at room temperature below the recrystallization temperature, including plates and coils, which can be produced by many domestic steel plants such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, and Anshan Iron and Steel. Among them, the one delivered in pieces is called a steel plate, also called a box plate or flat plate; the one that is very long and delivered in coils is called a steel strip, also called a coil.

We use slitting machines to cut the width of the Stainless steel coil into different widths, When the width of the stainless steel coil is less than 1000mm, we call the stainless steel coil a stainless steel coil strip. Divide stainless steel coils according to the width of the narrow stainless steel strip specified by the customer to meet customer requirements.

1. The cold-rolled stainless steel strips have good strength and yield, and the hot-rolled stainless steel strips have good ductility and toughness.

2. The surface quality, appearance, and dimensional accuracy of cold-rolled stainless steel strips are better than those of hot-rolled stainless steel strips.

3. The thickness of cold-rolled stainless steel strips is ultra-thin, and the thickness of hot-rolled stainless steel strips is relatively large.

For stainless steel coils, a bundle of stainless steel coils should be opened and cut into flat plates. According to customer needs, the entire coil may not be cut. Then the remaining part to be rolled back is called Yujuan.

Stainless steel sidebands can also be called stainless steel side wires. Generally, the edges of the coils that have just been shipped from the factory are uneven and need to be trimmed. That is, cut off the irregular edges. The cut part is called the side wire. It is usually rolled.

The following points can be referred to when selecting a reliable stainless steel strip supplier:

Product Quality: Choose a stainless steel strip supplier with a good reputation, you can check its quality control process and standards, product testing reports, etc. to understand its product quality.

Production Capacity: Choose a stainless steel belt supplier with a strong production capacity to ensure that it can meet your needs in a timely manner while having a flexible production capacity to customize production according to customer needs.

Competitive Price: Choose a stainless steel belt supplier with a reasonable price under the premise of product quality assurance.

Service Level: Choose a supplier that provides professional pre-sales consultation and after-sales service, can respond to customer needs in a timely manner, and provide high-quality service, while providing fast logistics and distribution services.

Reference Customer Evaluation: Check the supplier’s reputation and customer evaluation in the industry to understand its reputation and service quality.

To sum up, choosing a reliable stainless steel belt supplier requires comprehensive consideration of the above factors, and choosing a supplier with strength and credibility to ensure product quality and service quality, so as to meet customer needs.