321 stainless steel wire supplier in China

321 stainless steel wire supplier in China

Size: Diameter 0.2mm-5.5mm, 5.5mm-12mm

Standard: GB1220, ASTM A 484/484M, EN 10060/ DIN 1013 ASTM A276, EN 10278, DIN 671

Finish: Black, NO.1, mill finish, cold draw

production description of 321 stainless steel wire

321 Stainless Steel Wire is a high-quality stainless steel wire known for its excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength. Its chemical composition primarily includes elements such as chromium, nickel, and titanium. The addition of these alloy elements gives 321 stainless steel wire outstanding corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength, making it suitable for various demanding environments.

The surface of 321 stainless steel wire is exceptionally smooth, resistant to impurities, and easy to clean and maintain. It boasts high tensile strength and yield strength, demonstrating excellent mechanical and processing properties to meet the requirements of various manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, 321 stainless steel wire exhibits excellent welding performance and formability, making it convenient for welding and fabrication. Its wide range of applications spans industries such as chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, aerospace, and more, making it a stainless steel material with promising market prospects.

specification of 321 stainless steel wire

chemical composition of 321 stainless steel wire

Composition (%)0.08 max2.00 max0.045 max0.030 max0.75 max17.0 – 19.09.0 – 12.05 * C min, 0.70 max0.10 maxBalance

physical property of 321 stainless steel wire

PropertyDensity (g/cm³)Melting Range (°C)Thermal Conductivity (W/(m·K) at 100 °C)Specific Heat Capacity (J/(kg·K) at 0-100 °C)Electrical Resistivity (nΩ·m at 20 °C)Modulus of Elasticity (GPa)Poisson’s RatioMagnetic Permeability
Value8.01398 – 144616.35007201930.271.02 (Approx.)

mechanical property of 321 stainless steel wire

PropertyTensile Strength (MPa)Yield Strength (MPa)Elongation (%)Hardness (HRC)
Value (Annealed Condition)520 – 720≥ 205≥ 40≤ 90


features of 321 stainless steel wire

  1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance: 321 stainless steel wire exhibits outstanding corrosion resistance, maintaining stability in various corrosive environments such as acidic, alkaline, and saline conditions. This is primarily attributed to its sufficient chromium content, allowing the formation of a durable passivation film on the steel surface, preventing further corrosion.
  2. Stable High-Temperature Performance: 321 stainless steel wire retains excellent performance in high-temperature environments, including high-temperature strength and mechanical properties. Its operating temperature can reach around 800℃ without compromising its original performance. This makes 321 stainless steel wire widely applicable in high-temperature environments, such as heat treatment equipment, chemical equipment, and food processing equipment.
  3. Good Machinability: 321 stainless steel wire possesses good machinability, allowing for operations such as stretching, bending, cutting, and welding. It maintains high processing precision and stability, meeting the requirements of various processing techniques.
  4. Excellent Welding Performance: The addition of titanium elements in 321 stainless steel wire reduces the likelihood of intergranular corrosion during the welding process, making it an ideal welding material. This significantly simplifies the welding process, enhancing both the quality and efficiency of welding operations.

application of 321 stainless steel wire

  1. Jewelry and Ornament Manufacturing: Stainless steel wire, known for its outstanding corrosion resistance and strength, becomes an ideal choice for crafting various ornaments and jewelry. Through welding and meticulous processing, it can be used to create intricate structures and designs.
  2. Spring Manufacturing: Stainless steel wire, with its excellent elasticity and corrosion resistance, is suitable for manufacturing a variety of springs such as door springs and seat springs. The wire’s inherent shape simplifies the process and enhances the efficiency of spring production.
  3. Construction and Decoration: Stainless steel wire, appreciated for its unique metallic texture and aesthetic characteristics, is commonly employed in architectural decoration and interior design. It can be shaped into various intricate forms for applications such as ceilings, partitions, and feature walls.

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