410 stainless steel wire supplier in China

410 Stainless Steel Wire Supplier In China

Size: Diameter 0.2mm-5.5mm, 5.5mm-12mm

Standard:GB1220, ASTM A 484/484M, ASTM A276, EN 10060/ DIN 1013, EN 10278

Finish: Black, NO.1, mill finish, cold draw

product description of 410 stainless steel wire

410 stainless steel wire, as a specific type of stainless steel material, possesses its unique chemical composition and performance advantages. In terms of chemical composition, it mainly consists of elements such as carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium, and nickel. Particularly, the chromium content ranges between 11.5% and 13.5%, which endows 410 stainless steel wire with excellent corrosion resistance and strength.

410 stainless steel wire stands out for its high hardness and wear resistance, making it widely used in applications requiring high strength and wear resistance, such as manufacturing cutting tools, blades, and bearings.

Furthermore, the relatively low cost of 410 stainless steel wire is mainly attributed to its low nickel content and the use of other alloying elements. This advantage allows it to meet performance requirements while pursuing economic benefits, making it an ideal choice for many industries.

In terms of applications, 410 stainless steel wire plays an important role in various fields including construction, mechanical manufacturing, and automotive manufacturing. Whether used in infrastructure construction such as bridges and high-rise buildings, or in the manufacturing of machinery and engines, 410 stainless steel wire can meet various complex and demanding working environment requirements with its outstanding performance.

specification of 410 stainless steel wire

chemical composition of 410 stainless steel wire

ComponentContent (%)
Carbon (C)≤ 0.15
Silicon (Si)≤ 1.00
Manganese (Mn)≤ 1.00
Phosphorus (P)≤ 0.040
Sulfur (S)≤ 0.030
Chromium (Cr)11.5~13.5
Nickel (Ni)≤ 0.60

physical property of 410 stainless steel wire

Physical PropertyData
Density (20°C) / kg/dm³7.7
Melting Point / °C1480~1530
Specific Heat Capacity (0~100°C) / kg/(kg·K)0.46
Thermal Conductivity (100°C) / W/(m·K)24.2
Thermal Conductivity (500°C) / W/(m·K)28.9
Linear Expansion Coefficient (0~100°C) / (10^-6/K)11
Linear Expansion Coefficient (0~590°C) / (10^-6/K)11.7
Electrical Resistivity (20°C) / (Ω·mm²/m)0.57
Young’s Modulus (20°C) / GPa200

mechanical property of 410 stainless steel wire

Mechanical PropertyData Range
Tensile Strength (σb, MPa)≥440
Yield Strength (σ0.2, MPa)≥275
Elongation (%)20~30
Hardness (HB)≤201

features of 410 stainless steel wire

application of 410 stainless steel wire

410 stainless steel wire has been widely used in various fields due to its unique performance advantages. Its high hardness and strength make it excel in the manufacturing of components with high strength requirements such as cutting tools, springs, and fasteners. Additionally, its excellent corrosion resistance also makes it have broad application prospects in fields such as chemical engineering and medical industries. Furthermore, 410 stainless steel rope also exhibits good machinability and weldability, providing convenience for forming and joining processes in manufacturing.

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