Stainless Steel Instrument Tubing

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  • OD: 3 – 50mm
  • WT: 0.5 – 5.0mm
  • The standard length is 6000mm
  • Tube surface marking: TUBE ASTM A-269 TP316L SMLS 12.7MM OD X 1.24MM WT BRIGHT ANNEALED 212034
  • Other sizes are on request

Product Description

Special pipe applicable for Long-distance pressure debut conveying of instrument gas resources and liquid.

Huaxiao is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel instrumentation tubes and instrumentation tubes in China. And we have warehouses to prepare in-store general specifications for customers’ urgent needs.

All tubes are produced on a three-roll precision cold-rolled Pilger machine and either bright annealed or pickled annealed and polished. Ensure that the dimensional tolerances of the tubing are accurate and that the inner and outer surfaces are clean.

Production Standard:

ASTM A312, JIS G3459, GB/T 12771, EN 10217-7

Instrumentation Tubing Sizes

Size:1/4″ × 0.035″
Size:3/8″ × 0.035″ 
Size:1/2″ × 0.035″
Size:5/8″ × 0.035″
Size:3/4″ × 0.035″
Size:1″ × 0.035″
Size:5/16″ × 0.035″
Size:1/4″ × 0.049″
Size:3/8″ × 0.049″
Size:1/2″ × 0.049″
Size:5/8″ × 0.049″
Size:3/4″ × 0.049″
Size:1″ × 0.049″ 
Size:1/4″ × 0.065″ 
Size:3/8″ × 0.065″ 
Size:1/2″ × 0.065″ 
Size:5/8″ × 0.065″
Size:3/4″ × 0.065″
Size:1″ × 0.065″
Size:1″ × 0.120″ 

Production Process and Feature of Stainless Steel Instrument Tubing

After finishing rolling and precision drawing, the tolerance precision of Huaxiao steel pipe is greater than that of domestic standard, American standard and European standard. It satisfies the tool customer group who desires precision steel pipe really well. For stainless steel pipes for ferrules, our rigorous inspection standards will ensure that there are no scratches on the surface of every pipe, and the precision management meets the high standards of consumers. According to different client needs, we provide solution annealing, bright annealing, mechanical polishing, and electrolytic polishing surfaces.

Application about Stainless Steel Instrument Tubing

Our instrument coil is also for Tool for All sorts of fluid transport industry estimates.

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Stainless Steel Instrument Tubing

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